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How To Choose The Best Waterproof Camera

A waterproof camera is an essential travel companion if you intend to take underwater pictures. So here are a few tips for choosing a great quality underwater camera!

Why buy a waterproof camera?

For diving, snorkeling, the activities in whitewater: you want to bring the travel photos that are different from the ordinary? You want go snorkeling or diving and take photos of that? Then, you absolutely need a good quality waterproof camera which makes lovely underwater images. 

Indeed, without this precious waterproof camera, you may be frustrated not being able to take pictures. As you'll see a turtle in Koh Tao or a manta ray in Perhentian Islands and you'll be sad since you can not share this wonderful discovery with your family ... Too bad! But thanks to a waterproof digital camera, you'll be able to bring pretty pictures of the seabed while exploring!

And do not think you do not need a waterproof camera if you do not intend to go diving or snorkeling. Indeed, the waterproof camera is essential in many situations ... You could for example take it to the beach or the pool without the risk of damaging it. And it is the same for all activities such as white water rafting, canyoning or surfing!

Photos of activities in whitewater, pictures at the beach, pool, or pictures in the rain ... anything goes through a waterproof camera!

To fight against the rain, liquid projections, falls: you will not hastily store your camera in case of rain or liquid spills ... You will be free to take pictures whenever you happen to be. With your waterproof camera in hand  you can take pictures in all circumstances, without worrying about "survival" of your camera. 

Also note that a waterproof camera is perfect for travelers or careless people (like children). Often, in addition to a good seal, these devices are resistant to shock and extreme temperature.
Once for professionals, waterproof are now very good compact models for everyone. The range of prices is quite large, but it is necessary to choose a good quality waterproof camera.

Space-saving deviceSnorkeling, diving and all whitewater activities generally require you have your hands free. Consider choosing a small, lightweight camera that will weigh you down less than a large machine!

Safe brands
Brands such as Canon, Nikon and Panasonic usually offer quality cameras. Avoid low-cost brands, even if they offer extremely attractive prices, they do not have the reputation for good quality equipment.
Good resolution and interesting options 
Think of comparing different resolutions suggested by the major manufacturers. Options such as image stabilizers are also important. The underwater pictures are difficult to perform, then it is necessary that the basic picture quality is good! 

Pay attention to standards
Common standards for waterproof cameras:
The first defines the watertightness, but also to dust. Typically, manufacturers specify the maximum depth. But beware, the term is rarely specified directly! You may know it by carefully reading the documentation of the camera.

The second standard, in turn, describes the resistance. But again bewareIf your device is dropped on a hard surface such as stone, there is a good chance that it may be destroyed! 

It is therefore necessary to learn about the waterproof camera that you want to purchase. And it is essential to compare different devices and read user reviews online 

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